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Auditing & Accounting
Our auditing services will go beyond merely being in accordance with International Auditing Standards and the Sultanate of Oman’s Commercial Companies Act.

Our examination will include an incisive review of your operations, to identify the key result areas and to assess the reasonableness of the reported figures in the context of your operations. We regard this as essential in contemporary practice.

We work to understand the adequacy of the Accounting System both in:
(a) Preparation of the financial statements,
(b) Extended management reporting
(c) Proper and comprehensive accounting.

Our audit will also include a review of the system of internal control that has been established to enable us to assess its relative strengths and weaknesses. The nature and extent of the tests which we will undertake will vary according to the estimate of the accounting and internal controls required to be in place.

Wherever required, we deploy our trained systems staff to Audit the Information System & Technology within the company and recommend key changes. Today, Information Technology is the key to competitive advantage, and we strongly advocate that audits also encompass this area.

In addition to Statutory and Internal Audit, we carry out Due Diligence Audits, Investigative Audits and Special Assignments like Business or Goodwill Valuation.